Oct 7, 2007

Planet Source Code Superior Coding Contest Winner

I got them from PSC.
this is link to article

Sep 21, 2007

Microsoft Silver light VDO

Microsoft Silverlight

Silverlight for Windows Mobile

Silverlight offical document

Sep 10, 2007

My Project 6 K15 Puzzle

Simple puzzle game. it have many feature,it is not just game develop by vb6.0 tools
but i think i can play this game hour after hour.
If you want to download you just click

My Project 5 Tower of Hanoi animation

This is a tower of Hanoi.net ,It can solve by bot.

if you want to download code you just click

Aug 24, 2007

Display Hello World without semicolon

C# version

namespace WriteHelloWorld
class Program
static void Main(string[] args)

while (!"0".Equals(System.Console.Title = "Hello world").Equals(System.Console.ReadLine()))


C++ version
#include "stdio.h"

int main()
while( !printf( "Hello World\n" ) )

Aug 22, 2007

Google Trends about .Net developer

This is a trend of software developer by Google.

Compare .Net,Java,PHP

Compare C#,VB


Compare Ajax.Net,ASP.Net Ajax

Compare Planet source code,Code Project,DevX

Compare MySQL,SQL Server,Oracle

By the way this is not benchmark popular trends.Because Google trends can't separate java platform from java Island or java coffee and in other case too.