Jun 26, 2007

Classic Game 1 Super Mario world.

This is a first mario on snes by Nintendo.

.Net Tips and Trick Smart Query string

1.Smart Query string.
you should use smart query string for strong type purpose.

Private ReadOnly Property CusID() As Integer
If IsNothing(Me.Request.QueryString("CusID")) Then
Return 0
End If

If Not IsNumeric(Me.Request.QueryString("CusID")) Then

Return 0
End If

If CInt(Me.Request.QueryString("CusID")) > 0 Then
Return 0

End If

Return Me.Request.QueryString("CusID")

End Get

when you want to use Query string CusID you just type



cint( Me.Request.QueryString("CusID"))

Visual Studio "Orcas" Beta 1 now available!

Today we released Beta 1 of the next version of Visual Studio and .NET framework, code named “Orcas”. Here are some key resources for Visual Studio "Orcas":

Download click here