Aug 7, 2007

Classic Game 12 RockMan3

This is third adventure of rockman on nes platform.
In america this game call "megaman 3"
This adventure we must fight with DR.Willy as previous, and we got rush a dog robot for assistant you for beat with your enemy.



Battle field


Ken said...

Hey!! this blog is totally awesome!! All of those classic games that you've been posting them in this blog are so cool! I used to play them as a kid.
Anyway, My name is Ken from USA, and I'm a computer programmer design. well, I just turned into it for only few months and I've been looking for this kind of blog out of anywhere until that I found your awesome blog which I've enjoyed looking at all your the photos and reading your comments as well.
Finally, I wish more people would come to visit you more often ( like me =D ) and please keep posting more games haha
I was wondering if you could take my personal request lol I love the Dragon Quest V why V? It's because once time I happened to stay at my cousin's house and he suggested me to play this game which I had never had any interest in it
So I started playing it and the more I played the more it convinced my soul lol Believe it or not up until now I haven't been able to beat this game by myself lol but I will somedays I just need to get more time for that

Have a good one, man


DevGod said...

Thanks for your comment.
I will try to post about classic games.